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Make Music PDX

Ready to play in a band or group? Explore new songs, try out harmonies, experiment with tempos & styles, all under the gentle guidance of an experienced mentor. A great way to meet new friends, hone improvisation & ensemble skills, & follow musical dreams by putting prior training to use in a friendly & supportive environment.

Who's it for?

This is a non-audition activity for adults and kids from age 14 in all instruments & voice types from. If you are a recreational musician and can play or sing songs all the way through at tempo, you are ready! Styles include folk, jazz, blues, swing, rock & more.

Make Music PDX may not be able to build a group including every registrant; fees are returned to those not placed. Non-adult registrants participate with instructor approval; parent attendance may be requested. Mentors have the final say regarding required ability level for each group.

The Mentor Factor

One of the successful qualities of the Make Music PDX recreational music program is that there is a mentor for each group. They are chosen for their experience in performing to live audiences & commitment to recreational music making. Mentors are not music teachers nor are they expected to be experts in all instruments or music styles. They are your musical guide and consultant to getting maximum enjoyment from the Make Music PDX experience. The mentor’s role is to:

  • Advise group on music selection
  • Assist with musical arrangements
  • Advise as to where to place instruments, mics etc.
  • Give advice to improve performance presentation

For more information about Make Music PDX, call the Lane SUN Community School at: 503-916-2910