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How to Support CMC

The Community Music Center, Inc. (CMC Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that supports Portland Parks & Recreation’s Community Music Center and other programs.  

Wanted: Advisory Team Members

Are you interested in building harmony in your community? CMC Inc. is seeking individuals to provide in-person advice to help us better serve the the community that you are a part of. Advisory team members meet periodically in a group or individually with CMC board or administration staff.   

Other Levels of for Support CMC

You can help the Community Music Center provide equity of access to quality music instruction.  

Thank you for your interest in the Community Music Center – your support is most welcome and appreciated!   

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East Portland Advisory Team – help us understand the specific needs and challenges of this important area of our city so we can serve its communities. 

Emerging Leaders Advisory Team – gain experience in non-profit governance while advising CMC on the needs of youth and young adults. Advisory team members are selected in interviewed by the board’s nominating committee. Those interested in serving should contact the Director or a board member. We invite you to join our “ensemble”! 

Member – students at CMC age 18 or above, parents of youth students, and donors of $35 or more per year are automatically members of the non-profit Community Music Center, Inc. 

Donor – gifts of cash, stock, and in-kind goods and services are the most direct ways to support our mission of enhancing the community by providing opportunities to learn about, make, and enjoy music.  Call us or donate online with a single gift or automatic monthly contributions.  Contact the Director about making a bequest or setting up a charitable gift annuity.  Donations to CMC, Inc. are fully tax-deducible under the law (consult your tax advisor, attorney or IRS for your particular situation). 

Volunteer – join our on-call list of helpers for events and special projects. See our website or call us to get on the volunteer list. 

CMC Community Network – stay current with our activities and initiatives and help us spread the news of our good work. Set up a profile in our non-profit database or contact the Director. 

Board of Directors – contribute your time and expertise to help CMC be its best – now and into the future. 

Board members are stewards of Community Music Center, Inc., non-profit partner with the City’s Portland Parks & Recreation bureau.  

parents talking after concertBoard Directors are community members with a passion for equity of access to quality music instruction and in interest in working with others to further the mission of the organization. They are selected and interviewed by the board’s nominating committee and voted in by the full membership of the organization. 

Responsibilities include donating at the member level ($35) or above, attending regular monthly meetings, serving on at least one committee, and governing the non-profit in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and guidelines of the State of Oregon. Board members should also be an advocate for CMC in the community, attendee at CMC events, and consider CMC Inc as their primary organization for personal philanthropic contributions. 

Those interested in serving should contact the Director or a board member.  

Thank you for your interest in the Community Music Center – your support is most welcome and appreciated!  | Gregory Dubay, Director

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