CMC offers need-based scholarships for registrants.

What are the scholarship amounts given?

You tell us what you feel you can afford based on your household income, number of dependants and wage-earners, and extenuating circumstances. We'll look at that along with your documentation and work with you to come up with an agreed amount.

Who pays for the scholarships?

The non-profit CMC Inc. raises money year-round to make up the difference between what a class costs to run, and what the students pay. Learn more at About and Donate/Volunteer.

Are there requirements?

You provide supporting documents once a year (Summer or Fall Term) to validate your declared level of income. The highest level of attendance and completion of assignments is expected of all scholarship recipients.  Applicants applying for scholarship above 90% may be asked to engage in work-study, in which case a volunteer application form with background check will be necessary.